You’re a stickler when it comes to clean carpet. What do we mean by this? Well, when guests come into your home, you request that they take off their shoes. Not only that, but you encourage everyone to avoid placing food or beverages on the carpet. It’s common for homeowners like yourself to protect new carpet as much as possible. However, try as you might, it will eventually be forced to withstand drops, spills, and other accidents. Does that mean you should simply give up those cleanliness measures? Not necessarily. What’s even more important, though, is that you understand how the professionals approach home carpet cleaning. Here are just a few pieces of advice from A Step Above Cleaning Services in Wildomar:

  1. Blot stains – Some homeowners blot stains while others choose to rub them. Which emergency cleaning method is better? Here’s the thing: rubbing actually causes the particles to get deep into the carpet fibers. As a result, those fibers break down much quicker. Blotting, on the other hand, is different. This method puts just a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up. Seasoned carpet cleaning experts would agree that blotting leads to better results.
  2. Consider using shaving cream – We are often asked, “What’s the best cleaner for general carpet stains?” Believe it or not, you’ll find it in the bathroom. The next time something gets on the carpet, try applying shaving cream directly to the spot and let it set for about a half hour. Next, gently blot it away with a dry white cloth. Lastly, spray the affected area with a mix of vinegar and water. Hopefully, the stain is completely gone after you wipe the solution away for good.
  3. Let hydrogen peroxide do the heavy lifting – What’s the most obvious stain that comes to mind? For us, it’s blood. You know the situation far too well. You’re on the carpet sifting through mail and a paper cut leaves a few drops of blood on the carpet. Another hypothetical is that your child is watching TV on the carpet and they suddenly experience a bloody nose. When these accidents occur, don’t freak out. Head to the medicine cabinet and grab some hydrogen peroxide. You will find that the solution immediately foams when it contacts the stain. Then dab the area with towels to dry the carpet. It’s that simple.
  4. Use natural products to clean pet accidents – Every now and then, Fido will have an accident on the carpet. Rather than turn to chemicals that end up further damaging the carpet, use an all-natural cleaner. Just spray the area and wipe up with the cleaner with a cloth.
  5. Deep clean regularly – DIY carpet cleaning and vacuuming only goes so far. That’s where our professional carpet cleaners come into play. Using the most innovative equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products, you can count on us to deliver a pristine clean. Our goal is to ultimately restore your carpets to a new and improved state. How do we do this? Much of it is our reliance on steam cleaning. The high-temperature solution we use helps remove soil, dirt, and odors better than any other method.

At A Step Above, we offer three levels of carpet cleaning services. Take your pick from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. We are also proud to be Wildomar’s choice for commercial carpet cleaning.

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