There are countless misconceptions out there surrounding carpet cleaning. Before you call your local carpet cleaners, it’s a good idea to get clarification on some of the more common ones. Keep reading as we hopefully clear up some incorrect information and “advice” you once received.

  1. Cleaning carpets causes them to get dirty faster – This is only partly true. Some carpet cleaning methods leave behind sticky residue and soil. Should the company you hire do a poor job, then yes, the carpet gets dirtier faster. You can count on A Step Above Cleaning Services to perform the highest quality of work. Because we do a thorough job of rinsing out all the soil and cleaning agents, you don’t have to worry about residue and other filth being left behind. Not to mention, carpet that stays clean for an extended period of time allows you to save money.
  2. Steam cleaning causes mold to grow in the carpet – Again, this could only happen if your carpets are improperly cleaned. There are some companies out there that leave their carpets to soak for days. This is a huge no-no in our industry. If your carpet is wet for several days, there’s always the possibility that bacteria will want to grow in such an environment. Here at A Step Above, we will never leave your carpets prone to nasty mold and other bacteria.
  3. New carpet doesn’t have to be cleaned – People have different definitions of “new” carpet. When homeowners refer to their carpet as “new,” it’s usually already a few years old. Keep in mind, though, that carpet is designed to hide soils. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to tell if your carpet is truly clean without hiring a home carpet cleaning service. It’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned about once or twice a year. Remember that regular vacuuming and spot treatment can only make so much of a difference.
  4. Any grocery store cleaner will remove carpet stains – Not so fast! An alarming number of generic carpet cleaners sold at retail stores actually attract soil and can do additional damage. Not mention, these products aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about carpet spot cleaning products that are worth purchasing.
  5. Carpet cleaning professionals can’t do much for smelly carpets – Have pet urine marks and food stains left your carpet with an awful scent? Not to worry. A Step Above specializes in bringing smelly carpets back to life with thorough cleaning techniques. We can easily remove any foreign substances such as dust, dirt, common allergens, pollutants, fleas, and dust mites. Thanks to A Step Above, you can say goodbye to that smelly carpet.

Whether you’re in need of residential carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning, we have you covered. Our team is happy to customize a package to fit your particular needs and budget.

Don’t settle for dull or dingy carpet any longer. Call A Step Above Cleaning Services today.