A well-maintained carpet should last at least 10 years. Unfortunately, insufficient cleaning often forces homeowners to replace carpeting well before they should. Keep reading to learn the top five mistakes to avoid when cleaning your carpet.

  1. Not regularly cleaning it – Here’s the thing: Regular vacuuming can only do so much for your carpet. That’s why it’s imperative to give the carpet a much-needed deep clean every month or so. Keep in mind that professional carpet cleaning can restore your carpets to a new and improved state. What do we mean by this exactly? Well, does the carpet have a nasty smell? The culprits are likely foreign substances such as dust, dirt, allergens, pollutants, fleas, and dust mites. Rest assured that experienced carpet cleaners will have your space looking, feeling, and smelling its best in no time.
  2. Failing to clean spills and spots – Stains that have time to set in become harder to remove as time goes on. It’s as simple as that. Whether they’re stains from grape juice, hot sauce, pet urine, or something completely different, make it a point to clean them immediately. With that in mind, there are plenty of effective home carpet cleaning retail products. But not all of them are environmentally safe. At A Step Above Cleaning Service, we only use equipment and products that won’t put your family at risk.
  3. Forgetting about deep cleaning – Let’s say that you vacuum regularly and do whatever it takes to prevent stains on the carpet. You’re good to go, right? Not necessarily. Regularly scheduled steam cleaning ensures that you get the most out of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning services involve the use of Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning). We start by pre-conditioning high traffic and heavily soiled areas. It’s this step that we perform spot treatment if necessary. From there, we thoroughly scrub all areas to break down any dust, dirt, and other debris. Our team then moves on to rinsing and deodorizing your carpet with a superheated solution. Thanks to these steam cleaning techniques, you can finally say goodbye to dirt and grime that previously did a number on your carpet.
  4. Not using carpet protector – It’s always a good idea to re-apply stain resistors the older your carpet gets. You can feel comfortable knowing we use MAXIM Advanced carpet protector. This product makes spot and spill cleanup an absolute breeze. The combination of stain protection and soil resistance gives you more time to clean up those pesky spots and spills. On top of that, MAXIM Advanced reduces the likelihood of a permanent stain.
  5. Not calling a professional – You can only do so much for your carpet. At A Step Above Cleaning Services, we strive to leave your space cleaner, brighter, and fresher.

Now is the perfect time to reach out to our Southern California cleaning services. We will provide a free quote and work around your schedule in scheduling an appointment. Call now to ask about our residential carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning.