Will the price change?
NO! When you call for an estimate we ask a series of questions which will help determine the price for your job. This price will include whatever it may take to complete the job.

How long will it take to dry?/ When can I walk on the Carpet?
Carpet dry time varies in every house depending on temperature and good airflow between 4-6 hours sometimes less. We recommend turning on any ceiling fans and A/C even just one fan to expedite drying. You can walk on the carpet with clean shoes or socks. But try to stay off the carpet as much as possible until dry for best results.

Will steam cleaning hurt my Carpet?
NO, Never! Our technicians are fully trained and we use Truck Mounted steam cleaning system. This type of deep steam cleaning is recommended by the largest carpet manufacturers in the country for your regular carpet maintenance and restoration cleaning.

Will stains re-appear?
The main reason stains reappear are residual soil deep down in the fiber or residues from spot cleanings between professional cleanings. Our deep steam cleaning and no residue solution removes these factors and with our 30-day guarantee, if spots reappear, we reappear and clean it free of charge!

Will my carpets get dirty faster after cleaning?
NO. We use a NON-RESIDUE solution and high power truck mount cleaning equipment to ensure your carpet stays clean longer.

Are carpet protectors a good idea?
YES. Protecting your carpet is ALWAYS a good idea. Fabric protectors won’t prevent your carpet from getting dirty. Though the protective coating does help your carpet fibers release more soil when vacuuming which reduces wear. The purpose is to protect your carpet from permanent stains and prolong the life of the fabric, which they do very well if properly applied. Even though some carpet comes with protector from the manufacturer, it wears off over time and cleaning. Most manufacturers recommend you to re-apply a protector such as Maxim Advanced after each cleaning. This will help protect your carpet between regularly scheduled cleanings.

What furniture will you move?
We move things like sofas, tables, and chairs. We don’t move dressers, beds, china cabinets, electronics, pianos. All we ask is that you remove breakables from the furniture to be moved.

What kind of products do you use?
We use top of the line cleaning products, consistent with industry standards and manufacturers recommendations. Our products are environmentally friendly, pet & child safe, OSHA and EPA compliant, and bio-degradable.

If you have a question we didn’t answer here fill out our contact form or call (951) 310-9435. We can answer any and all questions regarding your carpets, tile & grout, upholstery cleaning and more.